"We continuously develop our staff, and grow our engineering capacity through recruitment and training of competent managers and engineers"

We have an outstanding track record of recruiting, developing and retaining staff. We provide all our staff with training and mentoring to enable them to acquire the competencies they need and to develop professionally.

Many of our staff joined us straight from university or college and have benefitted from hands-on engineering experience. Many have also completed their professional registration as either Chartered or Incorporated Engineers with the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET), who are one of our partners.

Equality of access to training and our commitment to lifelong learning are seen as fundamental principles to becoming the employer of choice in our marketplace.

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Roles within Firstco

  • Work Experience and Internships

    We offer a range of work-experience and internship placement opportunities for school, college and university students.
  • Professional Pathway Student

    The Professional Pathway Student scheme is an innovative mode of study. It allows London based university students to transfer to relevant four-day-a-week employment after a period of study and complete their degree by a combination of day-release and e-learning. Professional Pathway students do the same course content as full-time students, but over a longer period.
  • Graduate Engineer

    No specific experience is necessary, however to succeed in this entry level role you’ll need to be confident in dealing with a wide range of people; from clients to other team members. You’ll also need to possess good written and verbal communication skills, be diligent, have an aptitude for engineering, and be able to work alone and in a team.

    Required - a Bachelor’s degree in a Science Technology Engineering or Maths (STEM) subject.
  • Controls Engineer

    Depending on your level of education and work experience, we look for control engineering applicants to have a knowledge of one or more of the following: PLC hardware and software, SCADA, MCCs, SIL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, programming languages, cyber security, electronics, electrical engineering, system engineering, lighting or access control.

    Required - a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM subject.
  • Communications Engineer

    Depending on your level of education and work experience, we look for communication engineering applicants to have a knowledge of one or more of the following: IP networking, server virtualisation, cyber security, radio, cellular, wireless, CCTV, image processing, public address, voice alarm, telephone PABXs, information displays, fibre optic data transmission, BICSI or copper cabling.

    Required - a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM subject.
  • Project Controller

    Project controllers work alongside project managers and engineers to create and maintain a project's budget and time schedule, analyse cost expenditure and progress against baselines and highlight issues.

    We look for project controller applicants to be skilled with Microsoft Excel, and ideally Microsoft Project or Primavera P6.

    Required - a maths or finance based Bachelor’s degree.
  • Project Manager

    Project managers should have a track record of managing teams of engineers, to deliver projects to client requirements on time and within budget. They should understand contract law, be familiar with operating NEC3 contracts, CDM and HSE requirements, and have significant domain knowledge in one or more of the sectors we operate in.

    Required - a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM subject and a project management qualification.

Meet Curtis – Professional Pathway Student

What is the arrangement between you, your University and Firstco?

Professional Pathway is a unique scheme enabling me to work four days a week at Firstco, whilst attending university the remaining one day of the week – still gaining my full degree after the three years.

Meet Andy – Director

Andy is a Director here at Firstco. He works on key projects, such as Cooling the Tube and NATS, the UKs leading provider of air traffic control systems.

Meet Vaso – Graduate Engineer

Why did you want to be an engineer?

As far back as I can remember, I have always had an inherent curiosity about how things work. I like problem solving and I really enjoy working in a team environment. Engineering is a group activity and working with others toward the same set of goals can often produce great results.