As a company, we wanted to do our part and help the people of Ukraine who are suffering from this devastating war. We recently donated to a foundation in Poland who are housing mostly women and children who have fled Ukraine (roughly 4 Million+).

We donated clothes, reusable water bottles, bags, phone chargers, coffee mugs, baby food, toiletries and more.

The donated items were packed in our bags by volunteers in Poland and distributed to the people living in the temporary accommodation with their names on them.

“Also, the bags you donated are being used in Poland to pack small parcels for kids and women. They are pretty and I think it gives those people a little bit of dignity when they receive donations packed that nicely” – Marta Nowotny MA, MAPM, Organiser

The kids even wrote us a lovely thank you message, it’s amazing how a little bit of help goes a long way.

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