Our Sectors

Our Sectors

"We adapt universal best practice solutions to each specific sector's project requirements."

Although we aim to solve similar challenges with similar solutions, each sector has its own authorities, statutory requirements, standards and work processes such as GRIP for rail and RIBA for buildings. To deliver the right solution we ensure that we understand the business drivers of each sector.


Airports constantly operating at full aircraft movement capacity cannot easily recover from disruptions caused by insufficiently resilient systems. Airports with quiet periods require systems that automatically reduce energy consumption in unused terminal areas. All airports need hundreds of systems to operate. All airports focus on customer service and rely on utility systems for supply of electricity and water. As high visibility targets, airports require protection by interconnecting layers of security systems – which is what Firstco provide.

Our many airport projects include:

  • Terminal construction – security, building, information and air operational systems
  • Integrated control rooms
  • Control and monitoring of utilities such as electricity, air and water
  • Airfield communications
  • Radio networks
  • Monitoring of lifts, escalators and passenger boarding bridges
  • Energy metering

Combined with our rail expertise, we are ideally placed to support inter-modal transport projects where air meets, road, rail, metro, trams, people movers or driverless pods.



Railways require station and line wide control systems, and communication systems that operate over long distances. Rail working environments are hazardous with close proximity to high speed trains and high voltage traction power. Sub surface rail stations require solutions where space is a premium and there are statutory regulations to comply with – and Firstco offers those solutions…

Our many rail projects include:

  • Sub surface station construction
  • Integrated control rooms
  • Line and station management systems
  • Passenger information systems
  • Data transmission optical fibre networks
  • Sub surface radio networks
  • Tunnel ventilation control systems
  • Traction and bulk power control systems
  • Innovative level crossing communications

As well as heavy rail and metro systems, we have experience in working on trams, people movers and driverless pods.

Built Environment

Airport terminals and sub surface rail stations are similar to large buildings that need security, heating, cooling, lighting, fire protection, smoke extraction, electricity, water, lifts and escalators. Airport campuses typically consist of several terminal buildings, satellite buildings, baggage facilities, electrical sub stations, water pumping stations and other buildings best monitored from a central location. Energy consumption across the campus has to be monitored and the flow of people and vehicles across the campus has to be controlled, often with CCTV surveillance systems. 

Our many built environment projects include:

  • Integrated control rooms
  • Building management systems
  • Electrical management systems
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning control systems
  • Energy metering
  • Lighting control systems
  • Fire detection
  • In building radio networks

Our larger control and communication systems provide smart campus solutions that can scale up to become smart city and enterprise wide solutions.



Ports and ships require similar systems to airports and airplanes. As international borders and customs checkpoints they require specialist operational and security systems.

Our port projects include:

  • Port construction
  • Integrated control rooms
  • Security systems
  • Control and monitoring of utilities
  • Communication and radio networks
  • Crane control systems


Roads are increasingly using technology to enforce laws and increase throughout.

Our road projects include:

  • Integrated control rooms
  • Managed motorways
  • Incident detection
  • Lane control displays
  • CCTV
  • NRTS / Data communications
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • In tunnel radio networks
  • In tunnel PAVA


Our core competency is our process control capability, including design & build of:

  • SCADA, BMS and PLC control systems
  • Data communication networks
  • Motor control centres

Our automation projects include:

  • Power distribution
  • Medical systems
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage

Whatever the sector, we ensure our control systems are reliable, secure and provided at the appropriate Safety Integrity Level (SIL).