We provide consultancy and delivery of OT (Operational Technology) systems for mission-critical communications where commercial IT (Information Technology) doesn’t provide enough environmental robustness, reliability, availability or the appropriate products with the required features are not obtainable.

We offer OT network solutions from fully wired certified fibre & ethernet cabling and managed switches to wireless IoT solutions that utilise Cloud services, wireless cellular technologies GSM (2G), 3G and 4G or radio technologies such as Wi-Fi, LoRa, VHF and UHF.

Often commercial product’s communication waves can not penetrate walls and obstacles due to structures being underground or made from concrete, metal or other restricting mediums. Furthermore, sometimes it is distance and coverage that can be an issue or the product’s modulation is limited, has limited transmission speeds, doesn’t have the required protocol, isn’t compliant with emergency services or suffers from interference easily.

We can use our extensive experience to provide the correct and appropriate industrial solutions to overcome these factors. Typical situations and applications that are subject to this are systems in transportation or utility tunnels, nationwide utility and navigation estates, underground stations and buildings, lifts and escalators and rail networks.

We also offer PMR (Private Mobile Radio) 2-way radio systems, that utilise DAS (Distributed Antenna System) using antennas and radiating cables. We can design, supply and install whole systems including base stations, redundant amplifiers, antennas and handsets along with OTN (Optical Transport Network) systems that multiplex different services, using optical paths. This is a great method of lowering operational costs and managing a diverse range of traffic types and shifts. Also, OTN allows bandwidths for individual services to be configured and fixed to eliminate different services compromising one another because they are on the same network.

Our solutions can comply with emergency service requirements and we can integrate analog and digital systems to work in harmony. Additionally, we can offer IP based radio systems that operate on existing or new IP networks and can also integrate these with analog and digital systems.