ICT (Information & Communications Technology) rooms and associated containment routes should last the lifetime of a building. Therefore, it’s important to analyse not only any current requirements but for the future also.

Quite often in the construction phase of a project, conflicts can arise due to space but having everything documented sufficiently will avoid arguments of objection. Ensuring requirements are clear, standards incorporated, and designs are sufficient early on will notably reduce the risk of costly revisions later, alleviating space issues for essential services or for the accommodation of future expansion, modifications, and upgrades.

We will consider factors related to cable security, fire resistance, noise, heating, electrical EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility), containment paths, loadings and equipment access, and movement.

When considering the furnishing of ICT rooms, we will cater our designs to fully consider width, depth and height, raised floors, location of equipment, cooling plant, internal conduits, generic cabling systems and power, air ventilation, access control, fire prevention and other elements.