We’re proud to announce that we are CHAS Common Assessent Standard Assured!

CHAS is UK’s award winning and leading accreditation scheme for contractors and supply chain management services for clients.

It’s designed to standardise the prequalification process, helping to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce supply chain risks, and find reliable business opportunities.

What does the assessment cover? 

✅ Identity

✅ Financial 

✅ Corporate and Professional Standing

✅ Health and Safety 

✅ Environmental 

✅ Quality

✅ Equality 

✅ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

✅ Information Security and GDPR 

✅ Building Information Modelling 

✅ Anti-Bribery and Corruption 

✅ Modern Slavery

How Is the Assessment Carried Out?

There are two levels of certification: desktop and site-based. Both types of assessment will involve completing a set of prequalification questions covering the above areas of risk management and providing supporting documents and evidence for your answers.

Who Does the Common Assessment Standard Apply to?

The Common Assessment Standard helps all companies in construction and related industries achieve and demonstrate compliance, so the standard is accessible to UK companies of all sizes.

Read more here: https://www.chas.co.uk/common-assessment-standard