What We Do

What We Do

"Our vision is to see a world benefitting from integrated intelligent infrastructure and inspired engineers."

Our skilled engineers work with clients across all stages of the project and system lifecycle using their domain knowledge and technical expertise to provide solutions with the optimum combination of people, process and technology.

Our skilled engineers work with clients across all stages of the project and system lifecycle using their domain knowledge and technical expertise to provide solutions with the optimum combination of people, process and technology.

Control Systems

We provide consultancy, delivery and maintenance of real-time control and monitoring systems of mission-critical and non-critical assets and infrastructure, including fully automatic rule-based safety systems. We can furnish client operations with supervising software systems that are able to provide visualisation of multiple integrated subsystems from an operator workstation. Our systems trigger alarms and log plant status into a database, which allows operation response, offline playback, data analysis and simulation for operator training.

We supply product independent installation solutions for clients. Our solutions include complete control systems, IoT (Internet of Things) and software management platforms for airport terminals, rail stations, rail line control, roads, tunnels, ports, buildings and estates. Additionally, we can offer enterprise-wide and smart city, middleware software solutions.

  • Plant

    We can design, supply, install and commission centralised or distributed PLC, RIO and RTU control panel enclosures and systems to meet your plant control automation or monitoring requirements and provide systems up to the desired ‘N’ (Number of Components) redundancy (N, N+1, N+2, 2N, 2N+1, 2N+2, 3N/2) to eliminate single points of failure and can arrange a solution to conform to specific SIL (Safety Integrity Level) control system safety requirements.

  • Specialist

    Besides the more widely known control and automation systems that have been mentioned or are commonly referred to in the industry, we can also provide several other specialist system solutions including Campus fire alarm management, Highly complex tunnel ventilation, Automatic people mover, Baggage systems, Customer information systems, Rail signalling and axel-counting systems, Station Management Systems, Process Control, Gas safety & Monitoring, Tunnel control & monitoring systems and M2M Database integration.

  • Energy Metering

    We can supply, install and interface to a variety of electrical and mechanical meters, including water, gas, oil, fuel and heat meters that comply with specific standards. We can integrate them into any chosen energy, power or SCADA software package, no matter what protocol or interface type and also provide organisations with an assortment of tools to accurately measure, monitor, analyse and bill energy usage at a granular level across buildings and estates.

  • Lighting

    We utilise open lighting system technology products and protocols, such as DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and KNX and we can integrate lighting systems to other services such as SCADA, BMS, fire, CCTV and other plants. We put to use occupancy sensors, time clocks, photocells, other integrated system triggers and software strategies which can control groups of lights (zones) within a space.

  • Access

    We can provide enhanced access control systems that can restrict, manage and monitor people and vehicles ‘around the clock’. Our solutions provide alarming and comprehensive rule-based access control through access zone management and our systems will enhance the security and safety of your employees, visitors, building and assets and can be set up to integrate with any other automation system. This enables you to control lighting, HVAC equipment, elevators, CCTV and other services in response to cause and effect access events and alarm conditions such as fire and emergency evacuation.

  • Surveillance

    The combination of logistics, threats, security vulnerabilities and law enforcement are at the forefront of operations for airports, roads, rail networks, ports, prisons and other buildings. With the use of modern camera systems, these concerns and requirements can be alleviated. Camera and surveillance systems, plus image processing systems can be used to monitor infrastructure, people, packages and vehicles. Indoor or outdoor application, we can design highly intelligent systems to meet stringent compliance to military, security, police and prosecution authority application requirements. We can use our experience to 3D model areas, in providing the correct design and required level of detection and recognition.

System Engineering

System Engineering

Our projects are delivered with processes based on system engineering principals that ensure we provide fit for purpose solutions.

  • Safety

    In the absence of a product specific safety standard, safety-related control system SIL requirements are determined, designed, built and maintained in accordance with IEC 61508 or EN 50129.

  • Assurance

    Requirements are recorded and traced throughout project delivery. Requirements are verified by design review and validated by testing.

  • Cyber Security

    Systems are designed to avoid, resist and report cyber-attacks.

  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Sustainability

    Systems are designed and built to ensure they function correctly, rarely fail, are modular, suitably robust for their environment, and only contain non-hazardous materials.

  • Human Factors

    The needs of operators and maintainers are assessed. Working environments are ergonomically designed. Workstation graphical interfaces are intuitive and follow best design practices.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Management of potential electromagnetic susceptibility and immunity issues of equipment in high voltage switch rooms and near traction power lines.

Communication Systems

We provide consultancy and delivery of OT (Operational Technology) systems for mission-critical communications where commercial IT (Information Technology) doesn’t provide enough environmental robustness, reliability, availability or the appropriate products with the required features are not obtainable.

We offer OT network solutions from fully wired certified fibre & ethernet cabling and managed switches to wireless IoT solutions that utilise Cloud services, wireless cellular technologies GSM (2G), 3G and 4G or radio technologies such as Wi-Fi, LoRa, VHF and UHF.

Often commercial product’s communication waves can not penetrate walls and obstacles due to structures being underground or made from concrete, metal or other restricting mediums. Furthermore, sometimes it is distance and coverage that can be an issue or the product’s modulation is limited, has limited transmission speeds, doesn’t have the required protocol, isn’t compliant with emergency services or suffers from interference easily.

We can use our extensive experience to provide the correct and appropriate industrial solutions to overcome these factors. Typical situations and applications that are subject to this are systems in transportation or utility tunnels, nationwide utility and navigation estates, underground stations and buildings, lifts and escalators and rail networks.

We also offer PMR (Private Mobile Radio) 2-way radio systems, that utilise DAS (Distributed Antenna System) using antennas and radiating cables. We can design, supply and install whole systems including base stations, redundant amplifiers, antennas and handsets along with OTN (Optical Transport Network) systems that multiplex different services, using optical paths. This is a great method of lowering operational costs and managing a diverse range of traffic types and shifts. Also, OTN allows bandwidths for individual services to be configured and fixed to eliminate different services compromising one another because they are on the same network.

Our solutions can comply with emergency service requirements and we can integrate analog and digital systems to work in harmony. Additionally, we can offer IP based radio systems that operate on existing or new IP networks and can also integrate these with analog and digital systems.

  • Wireless

    Many businesses are increasingly wanting to take advantage of gaining information available via wireless systems such as alarms, energy performance, and plant status. By installing RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) around their estates that interface and collect data from plant and transmit and tunnel the information back to other control systems or software platforms such as SCADAs (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), EMSs (Energy Management System), PMS (Power Management System), BMSs (Building Management System) and other headend supervisor platforms, organisations are able to create smart systems.

    We can use our experience to help clients design, supply, install and implement appropriate future proof technology that is robust, safe and reliable. Whether it is a PTT (Push to Talk) or TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) radio systems, Telemetry or integration that utilises MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), Modbus, DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and other protocols. 

  • Data Transmission & Networking

    Data transmission is utilised and plays an extremely important role in OT system networks. System equipment such as servers, computers, firewalls, routers, switches, storage, modems, gateways, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), PACs (Programmable Automation Controller), DDC (Direct Digital Control) and field plant, assets, equipment and devices transmit data via serial ports such as RS-232 and RS-485, Copper twisted pair, Coaxial, Ethernet, Fibre and Wireless networks.

    We design and supply OT systems that can identify and authenticate all devices within the system to mitigate the risk of untrusted devices on a network that has the intention of taking control of a network along with closing the separation between IT and OT.

    Our solutions consider the physical and software configuration to make sure data generated from systems has integrity and accuracy for the use of smart analytics.

    We have extensive experience with integrating and mapping dissimilar network, file and protocol types into unified systems that verify devices are reliably communicating and correctly.

    With the greater threat of cyber-attack, it is essential that systems and plants are secure. We are familiar with the use of segregation, encapsulation, and DMZs (Demilitarised Zones) to enhance security. With the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), VLANs (Virtual LANs), Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and Domain Controllers. 

  • Cable and Space

    ICT (Information & Communications Technology) rooms and associated containment routes should last the lifetime of a building. Therefore, it’s important to analyse not only any current requirements but for the future also.

    Quite often in the construction phase of a project, conflicts can arise due to space but having everything documented sufficiently will avoid arguments of objection. Ensuring requirements are clear, standards incorporated, and designs are sufficient early on will notably reduce the risk of costly revisions later, alleviating space issues for essential services or for the accommodation of future expansion, modifications, and upgrades.

    We will consider factors related to cable security, fire resistance, noise, heating, electrical EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility), containment paths, loadings and equipment access, and movement.

    When considering the furnishing of ICT rooms, we will cater our designs to fully consider width, depth and height, raised floors, location of equipment, cooling plant, internal conduits, generic cabling systems and power, air ventilation, access control, fire prevention and other elements.

  • Passenger Information (PIS)

    A PIS provides visual and audio information to passengers at bus and train stations, port terminals, airports, bus stops and transfer facilities. Real-time operational information on services running is collected from vehicle location systems, control systems and including incident capturing systems. This information is compared algorithmically with service timetables to initiate predictions and updates on transport services scheduled. We can provide consultancy, supply, installation and integration of PIS and can offer a variety of architectures, hardware and software products to meet application requirements.

  • Public Address/Voice Alarm

    Our solutions include building or campus installations and our system designs can prioritise voice messages and operate to call common or individual zoned areas such as individual rooms, terminals and station platforms. Our solutions can be tailored to work in conjunction with other systems such as fire alarm systems, electronic signage and public information systems and our Voice Alarm systems produce clear spoken messages to compliment fire alarm and emergency systems, to provide the public with warnings and information. Strategically placed emergency handsets allow the Emergency Services to take over any emergency.